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Ringtones 1.0

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Android Ringtones

Our ringtones for Android™ are carefully crafted and mastered to sound loud and clear on Android Handsets including the Motorola Droid™ and T-Mobile G1™.

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Classic Ringtones
  Classic Ringtones
A collection of [25] standard RCP ringtones mastered to sound loud and pristine on your Android™ handset. Simple and professional. [sourced from: Ringtones 1.0]
Google Android Ringtones  


Electronic Ringtones
Droid Ring Tones Electronic Ringtones
[25] electronic ringtones that are distinct sound effect ringtones. The blips and bleeps of a secret agent's smartphone.
[sourced from: Switched-On Ringtones]
Droid Ringtones    
Robotic Ringtones
RCP Ringtones Robotic Ringtones
Includes [10] Robot Speaking Ringtones. In a vocoded droid-like voice, our robots say things like "You have mail" and "Incoming call" [Exclusive to Android Phones]

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