RCP Elite Tones

RCP Elite Tones

RCP Elite Tones is a refined selection of rings, beeps, chimes, and alarms from RCP Ringtones 2.0. Each tone in this selection has been carefully designed and professionally mastered to sound clear and pristine on your smartphone's speakers. Comprising 30 clean, simple, and unique tones, RCP Elite is the most efficient way to tone your phone.

RCP Elite Tones includes (±):

  • Classic Phone 5 Classic/Business RingsProfessional, modern and discreet home and office tones
  • icon5 Standard Beeps & ChimesUniquely melodic, pleasant beeps and beautiful chimes
  • icon 2 Calming/Minimal Tones Peaceful, minimalist zen
  • icon 4 Alarm SoundsSoft, morning ambiance to urgently loud alarms
  • Classic Phone 5 Text & SMS Tones *Short and sleek message tones for each class of sound*
  • icon 3 Hi-tech, 8-Bit & Robotic Futuristic tones, sci-fi inspired blips & bleeps and speaking robotic voices
  • icon 2 Acoustic Marimba TonesElegant marimba performances
  • icon 4 Signature RCP Tones Variations on our popular "Ringtone Wheel" theme

Total =30 tones (looking for more? try our Complete collection)
*Custom Text & SMS Tones are currently not available for iPhone! But they are coming to iOS 5.0.


iPhoneRCP Elite for iPhone

$1.99 (30 ringtones)
No hidden fees. No recurring charges. No DRM.
Mastered for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4.
Easy installation: just drag the provided M4R files to iTunes and sync.

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MP3-PhonesRCP Elite for MP3-phone

$1.99 (30 ringtones)
No hidden fees. No recurring charges. No DRM.
Please ensure you can transfer mp3 ringtones to your mobile phone before purchasing this ringtone pack. Most newer phones are compatible.
Consult our support page for further help or contact us for support.

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