RCP Ringtones Tutorial

iPhone Step-by-Step Installation

1. Download the tone to your computer by clicking the .m4r link
(Please note: It won't work to download the file directly to your iPhone)

2. In iTunes, select 'File > Add To Library' and select the m4r tone

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer. In iTunes under Devices, select your iPhone.

4. Click the Tones section along the top bar

5. Now make sure 'Sync Tones is checked ON as well as 'All tones'

6. Click Apply or Sync

(If you receive a message that says "Are you sure you want to sync ringtones? All existing songs, movies and TV shows on the iPhone “Your iPhone” will be removed" uncheck 'Sync Tones' and (1) make sure you are using the same computer you normally use to manage your iPhone (2) make sure your iPhone is completely backed up (3) make sure your movies, music, and apps are all set to sync correctly. After a proper backup, recheck 'Sync Tones' and click 'Okay' to the message)

7. On your iPhone, navigate to the Settings app

8. Tap Sounds

9. Assign your new tone! (The tone will be located above the default tones under "Ringtone" and below the default tones for Text Tone and all other alerts)

Note: To assign custom ringtones for Text Tones, Voicemail, Mail, Tweets, and Alerts, your iPhone must be upgraded to iOS 5. To upgrade your phone, select your iPhone in iTunes under Devices, then click 'Check for Updates.'

If the tones do not appear on your iPhone:

  1. Make sure your iTunes and iPhone are updated to the latest versions
  2. Restart your iPhone
  3. Resync your iPhone to iTunes
  4. Try again from scratch

For any other problems, drop us a line at support@rcptones.com

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